About us @ Pastors of Sound

Pastors of Sound dates back to very humble beginnings. Christo, a minister of religion in the Dutch Reformed church attended a Synodical meeting way back in the early 90's.

It was a horrible experience. From acoustics to sound engineering, at every level there was a mismatch. It affected the process very negatively and the end was disastrous. Christo left the meeting with one aspiration. “It will never be like this again”. He discussed plans with the church leadership. He cashed a very meagre policy to have some startup capital. With great but noble intention he started to build power amplifiers in a garage.

From soldering the components to printed circuit boards, to developing oversized power supplies he preferred to do this work at night. He diligently worked and tested all components with extreme precision. Everything was done to maintain a very high quality end product. Some of these Mosfet design amplifiers are still on duty after long years of reliable service.

Today, the scenery has changed. Long gone are the hours of toiling in the garage at night. We are proud to be associated with top importers of high level equipment. Although Christo is still actively involved in the procurement side as well as the planning and logistics, he is flanked by his son Chris. They are still a well-functioning father – son team whose work is renowned on an national basis.

Chris brings the best of both worlds together. Being a well talented musician, who prides himself as able to play an array of instruments and also did formal sound engineering studies. He was acquainted with the world of sound from as early age as three. Due to his early involvement, he shared the same enthusiasm and love for his work, as his father. Only now at age 29, he managed numerous synodicals of the Dutch Reformed church.